Getting Started with Google Apps!

First Things First: Preparing for the Google Migration

This is the first place to go when getting ready for the conversion to Google!  Find a handy checklist on what you have to do, as well as other information, including fantasticly useful videos created by PC that work for all of us!  

Note: Please make sure to review all of these materials, especially for such things as migrating local mail or contact lists.

2nd Task: Get Oriented With Email and Calendar
These materials are here to help you be as prepared as possible to enjoy the full functionality of the new system!
Next Steps: Taking a Look at the Top FAQ's
How long until I get up to speed?
Can I access email offline?
How do I set my calendar time zone?


Exploring Google Apps: Training, Videos and More
Learn the more indepth answers and become a true Google Expert!
Learn about Google Apps via self-paced training and quick video clips.


For Support:
Contact College Help Desks
Important Tip:
Whether you are an old hand at Google Apps or are brand new...please look at all of the information here and keep checking back...more will be added and the site will be update when Google updates their Apps!
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