MCC Math Department CPS Pulse Clicker Workshop

CPS Pulse clicker
Our MCC Math Department owns 3 sets of 36 clickers.   2 sets stay in the Math Foundations Center to be used in the MAT 082 classes, but 1 set can be checked out.

If you plan on using the clickers to track individual student responses, then you will need to set up your class rosters first.   Otherwise, you can use verbal mode and not have to set anything up ahead of time!

Verbal mode allows you to ask any type of question "on the fly".    Students can use the CPS Pulse clickers to answer the following types of questions:

1.  Multiple Choice
2.  Multiple Answer
3.  Yes/No
4.  True/False
5.  Numeric
6.  140 Character Text Entry
7.  Bimodal

To download any of the CPS software, go to this link

Look for the "NEW" tag to easily find the newest version to download  (Windows, Mac and Linux available)

CPS for windows

Link to CPS Pulse clicker user's guide