Registration Information

The best way to contact the GateWay-ADEQ office will be by email to: 

Welcome to the GateWay-ADEQ Operator Certification Registration Website

GateWay requires the use of a Maricopa Community College MEID, Password, Student ID number (an 8-digit number), and get admitted to the GateWay Non-Credit program
GateWay previously asked that every person needing to register for the ADEQ Operator Certification exam (any exam) obtained an account at the Maricopa Community College District.
 There is no need to do this step if you already have a MEID/Password because attending/have attended classes at any Maricopa Community College

However, you will still need to apply for the Admissions to the GateWay Non-Credit program (admission is free and requires two additional short steps) even if you are already attending a credited program or you
will NOT be able to open the registration forms.

Step 1: Creating a Student Account will help you to create a student account (if not already) and will provide you with a  Student ID that is an 8-digit number (that starts with the number 3). This student ID number will be required later during the registration process. 
These set of procedures will allow you to register for your tests, cancel your registration, pay with a credit card/electronic check, use the GateWay library system, rent textbooks, and have a free email address within the Maricopa Community College System, among other services. You will only need to go through these steps once You can click here to go to the Step 1: Creating a Student Account (you can also find this link below the Registration Information tab on this webpage left side) so you can start with the test registration process.

Things to remember when signing up for exams:
  • You will need to be admitted to the GateWay Non-Credit program prior to register for test dates. 
  • These are not actual courses. No instruction will be provided.
  • You WILL NOT be able to see the test dates in the Maricopa system since GateWay is using another website to complete the registration form that you will open when you click on the test date showing on this webpage.
  • You will be completing the GateWay-ADEQ Registration form to request your test. By completing the form, you will be requesting and approving GateWay to order the exam. You will be able to cancel your test registration prior to the test registration closing date by the EDIT link that shows up in the confirmation email you receive in your Maricopa student email account when you submit your registration form. However, you will not be able to edit the form if the test date is full or after the registration closing date. Please send an email to the to cancel the exam for you before the test date.