Registration Information


PLEASE NOTE: GateWay IS UPDATING the instructions to order the ADEQ Operator Certification exams to make the process easier. You
will NOT be required to log in (nor set up a Maricopa student account). However, you will have to have a valid email address so you can get your confirmation email and
you can receive your test results.


The best way to contact the GateWay-ADEQ office will be by email to: 

Welcome to the GateWay-ADEQ Operator Certification Registration Website

GateWay Community College is the proctoring agency for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Operator Certification exams. GateWay has been providing the test proctoring services since 2008. We have updated and improved the process to order the certification exams from the Association of Boards of Certifications (ABC). Therefore, these are ABC's exams and GateWay just provide the test proctoring services.

GateWay has eliminated the need to create a maricopa student account to order the exams. You will not need your maricopa student ID number any more. GateWay is using the Purplepass system so the operator can order and pay for the exam. All exam orders will need to be prepaid through the Purplepass system before GateWay can order the exam (so GateWay can order the exam from ABC). The exam orders will be final and no reimbursement nor cancellations will be available.

The only form of payment will be using a credit card. No cash, money orders, nor cashier checks will be accepted any longer. Please click on Ordering for an Exam on the left tab for more information.

Please note that ADEQ has changed the process to receive their certification for the operators that pass the exams:

“As of July 1, 2016 anyone who passes an operator certification exam must submit the operator certification new certificate application, a copy of their individual mastery report (IMR) and the $65.00 fee to ADEQ in order to receive their certificate.  All this documentation can be mailed into ADEQ or dropped off in person during business hours at ADEQ.”