This site contains the training materials we will use for Google Docs Training.
This training material is provided by Google and Sean Scanlon.

In order for our 1:1 program to be successful, we ask that you complete the training in a timely manner, and submit your questions when necessary.  You can submit questions to sscanlon@marianchs.com.

In your Google Drive, under "Shared With Me", you will see a folder which contains all of the training material for Google Drive, and any other training we do in preparation for our 1:1 Program.  If you have any ideas for training that you would like to see, please send an email to sscanlon@marianchs.com

Use the navigation pane on the left hand side of this page to access the training material.
We understand that everyone will be starting their training at a different level, so there is no need for everyone to start at the same place.  

If you are just starting with Google Drive, click here to begin your training with the Google Drive Interactive Tour.
When you have completed the Interactive Tour, use the links on the left to continue your training.  
The training begins with Lessons 1 & 2 which are located in Google Drive Basics

This link will give you access to some great resources for Google Apps for Education (Docs, Calendar, Drive, etc..)
Click here for Google Apps Resources
Sometimes we need to take those first steps ourselves in order to accomplish our goals.
We can't always wait for someone to fix things for us.  Please keep this in mind as we move forward in our 1:1 program.
The video below gives a great example of "fixing" things for ourselves.

Broken Elevator