This is general information predominately for parent use such as access to the syllabus and assignment schedules.

Google Classroom

Each student also has a google classroom access code for resources specific to coursework. Their class page contains the code for their class to register.


AP Physics 1, AP Physics C, AP Statistics, and Advanced Math with Trigonometry students are required to use WebAssign this year. Their Class Key and "getting started" instructions are on their respective pages. I have found that the immediate feedback that WebAssign provides benefits students. Students are able to see immediately if got a problem correct and move on with confidence. If they are incorrect, then they know to try again or seek assistance. I believe the opportunity for multiple attempts fosters perseverance in students. The program also helps me to see where students are struggling sooner and help them better.

Junior Students and Parents

If you happen to be a Junior or the parent of a Junior looking for Concession Stand info please contact myself or Mr. Winkelman. *Coming Soon* You will be able to add yourself to the spreadsheet until 9/1. After that time, please send a message to bwinkelman@marian.com or myself at mdwyer@marian.com stating which date and position you would like to volunteer for. Thanks!