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 Essential Question:  What makes different animals unique?


Comprehension Skills: visualize, problem and solution, synonyms


Genre:  Folktale


Test: Thursday, February 19th

Action Verbs: shows action in the predicate part of a sentence and tells what the subject does


       An earthquake shook the ground beneath us.


Quotation Marks – to indicate speaking

Colons – between the hours and minutes when writing time


Sentence Fluency: varying sentence types and lengths in writing a passage


HANDWRITING: All Reading, Language Arts, and Science assignments should be completed in cursive.




whirl       third       girls        firm       fern      herds


stern      serve     hurt        nurse     turns     learn     


pearl      word      world      stretch   thick      whales


perfect     Thursday


Test Thursday, February 19th

Math Facts:  1 minute (25 problems daily)    

                     4 minutes (100 problems on Friday)                  

                 *85% or higher to advance to next level


Skills:  equivalent fractions


Vocabulary: numerator, denominator, fraction, unit fraction





Unit B Chapter 3: Effect of Earth & Moon Motions


Questions:  What causes seasons?


Vocabulary:  equator, seasons


Chapter 7:  Working in Communities


Lesson 1: Life in a Farming Community


Questions: What is life like in a farming community?


Vocabulary: harvest, agriculture, fertilizer, combine, Internet, supply, demand, scarcity





Remember to read for the Joe’s Place Incentive due March 2nd, 2015.


Poetry Book Report is due THURSDAY!


FARM DAY: On Friday, 2/20 we will be going to a pig farm.  Please make sure your child wears/brings boots to school that day.


PARCC Practice: Students have been learning how to navigate the practice tests.  Please encourage your child to show you how to highlight and eliminate answers within the test.  You can do this at home by visiting the following website:  Select Math or ELA, click Grade 3, then Computer Based Practice Test



QUESTIONS: email or call 815-568-7632


Please review school wide expectation with your child

       I WILL control my hands and feet

       I WILL use a soft voice

       I WILL be a friend

       I WILL be a learner

       I WILL take care of myself

 Remember to sign the quarterly form in your child’s Take Home Folder each week.



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