Help Page for Migrating from Outlook to Google Apps

Your Email address is changing to - email destined for will be routed to the new address.  Any email going outbound will come from the new email address.

  • It is possible to still use Outlook for Google mail, I would recommend trying to browser based to see if you can get by with it.  Web based is the recommended method.
    • It is recommended that you install and use Chrome or Firefox as your browser
    • Chrome can be downloaded and installed here.  Will not work for some functions in SIS.  Best for Google
    • Firefox can be downloaded and installed here.  Works well with SIS, and good for Google.

  • If you use the browser (recommended) then you would probably want to install and use the Google Talk plugin, this will give you notifications when you receive new mail, as well as act as a messenger.  It can be installed here.

  • If you still want to use Outlook, this is possible through the Google Apps Sync tool, available here.  This will sync all your Google Email/Contacts/Calendar to Outlook and act much like our previous email. (This will most likely need to be configured by Brenda or I)

  • To install desktop shortcuts that open your email in it's own private window, install here.

  • For more information and self-training see this website.  Best thing is the document at the bottom entitled "Switch from Outlook"