Welcome to the Community Service Program site for 2013-2014!

Students, please use this site to have a fun, easy, and helpful service experience.   Your Advisors, daily announcements, and the Community Service bulletin board (outside Room 844) are also sources for useful program information.  You can also reach Mr. Pesola, the Community Service Coordinator in Room 846A.

Parents, please browse the information here to understand what Community Service at Marble Hill means to your student.

Outside Individuals and Agencies, we welcome you to find out more about Marble Hill School for International Studies and use this site to find volunteers.  Feel free to contact Mr. Nick Pesola for more information about how to get our students involved in your programs.  We are interested in hearing from you and how our programs might collaborate!  Please fill out the Organization Form at the bottom of our Contact Information page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
If your agency already has our students volunteering with you, please check out our For Community Agencies link, where you can give feedback and access other important information.
About the Program
Since we were founded in 2001, Marble Hill School for International Studies has been committed to community service efforts.

Service Opportunities
Students, check the Community Service Board outside of Room 844 for new service opportunities.

As this site develops, postings will eventually be available online.