Romeo and Juliet

Essential Question:

How do different writers and performers tell the story of Romeo and Juliet in their own words? 

Project Description:

Performance- Seventh graders will experience several different adaptations of Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet.

a) Groups of students will perform selected scenes from the original text.  Students will demonstrate their understand of the character’s mood, emotions and perspective through their body language, voice inflection and tone. Each student will design his or her costume and acquire the props necessary for their scene.

b) Incorporated into the performance of Romeo & Juliet will be performance of the song, “A Time for Us".  Additional love songs will be sung and played on the piano.

Written- Seventh graders will write an essay examining two versions of Romeo and Juliet; their own adaptation and a film version. The essay will compare effects of techniques unique to each medium (lighting, sound, color or camera/staging usage). 

Students will sing the theme song from Romeo and Juliet, A Time for Us.

7th Grade Students will learn: 

  • How to interpret a  literary work including analysis of mood, tone, point of view
  • How to compare and contrast a drama with a film, stage or other version
  • How to perform of a scene using body language, voice inflection and 
  • How to editing their work for clarity and mechanics
  • How to use language to communicate a message
  • How to work as a group to interpret a play
  • How to sing with appropriate pitch, projection, tone, and expression

Required Components:

  • Plot Summary Quiz
  • Memorization of lines and interpretation of scene through performance
  • Literary Analysis Essay
  • Critique of performance through a self-reflection
  • Musical performance

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