Revival & Rebirth : Researching the Renaissance - 5th

What’s new and what’s old in the time of the Renaissance?

What can art tell us about society?

Project Description:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the Renaissance by investigating a prominent personality of the era and writing a formal paper showing the contributions made by this individual. 
Each student will assume the identity of this Renaissance personality by:
  • identifying and researching a personality from the Renaissance
  • writing a formal research paper on this person
  • preparing a short introduction to this character and delivering it orally
  • dressing in attire that is typical of clothing of the time period and communicates their social status
  • creating a mixed media/collage self portrait in the style of Renaissance art
  • creating two three-dimensional artifacts that represents the work/role of the this Renaissance personality.
  • sing, perform, and write about Renaissance music
  • learn and perform a Renaissance Dance
  • create a Renaissance clothing poster with written descriptions of the outfits in French or Spanish
Fifth Grade Students Will Learn:
  • how to work independently
  • how to plan, organize and showcase research
  • how to conduct research using reference material (online and print)
  • how to write responses to prompts and support answers with research and with material learned in class
  • how to cite sources and create a bibliography
  • how to use iPads to research our solar system and create a Keynote slide presentation.
  • how to prepare and deliver a monologue
  • how to sketch/draw using multi-media
  • how to sing Renaissance songs and analyze musical elements through writing
  • how to dance in the Renaissance style
  • Color and adjective agreement in French or Spanish
  • Clothing and fabric vocabulary in French or Spanish
  • Seasons and weather vocabulary in French or Spanish

Required Components:

  • Research Paper
  • Monologue
  • Self-portrait
  • Two three-dimensional artifact
  • Choral performance of Pastime with Good Company with musical accompaniment
  • Written piece analyzing Renaissance music
  • Renaissance clothing poster in French or Spanish


Standards, Strands, Skills (Students will learn, do): 
A basic list of major standard, strands, and skills assessed in this projects. These should follow the state frameworks, including ELA and Math Common Core.
  • reading
  • writing
  • research 
  • speaking
  • history
  • economics
  • mathematics
  • science
  • visual design and composition
  • singing
  • playing instruments
  • critical response through analyzing music
  • descriptive writing pertaining to clothing in French or Spanish

These assessments should be identified in your curriculum map and documented in our assessment portfolio.
  • Three paragraph research paper with bibliography
  • Monologue
  • Weekly and end of term assessments on the Renaissance
  • Portrait
  • Inventions of the Renaissance Research Project
  • Egg Drop Project
  • Greensleeves essay
  • Singing  of Pastimes with Good Company with analytical written component
  • Costume
  • Two 3-dimensional artifacts
  • Foreign language clothing poster