Magazine Project

Essential Question:

How do texts differ and how are they read differently?

Project Description:

Working in groups students will write, edit and publish a magazine. Students will determine article topics, complete surveys, produce tables and charts, create advertisements and design layout for their magazine. Each student in the group will have an assigned role; managing editor; layout designer; copy editor and publisher. In Art class students will design the front and back cover of their magazine. While there needs to be uniformity in design of the magazine, each member of the group will design his/her own cover. The magazine will include:

1) News Report- Students will focus on a recent event in either the local or national news that has had an impact on a community and shows change over time. They will research and report their findings being sure to include the who, what, when, where and why for the event.

2) Sports Article Students will have the opportunity to write about a sports team or league or interview a sports figure.

3) Advertisements Students will also be creating PSA that identify a change needed in their community and means of addressing that change.

4) Musical/CSL Composition
Students will become songwriters as they showcase lyrics to an original song to promote recycling. 

5) Election Survey Article Students will survey fellow schoolmates about election history, tabulate the results and present their findings in written and visual format.

6) Opinion Piece Students will write an opinion article on a topic of their choice.

7) Comic Strip

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of integer rules using the comic strip format.

8) Choice Article Students will have the opportunity to include choice pieces that can range from opinion articles to book reviews to news pieces.

7th Grade Students Will Learn: 

  • how to work cooperatively in a group
  • how to plan, organize and showcase research
  • how to conduct research using reference materials (online and print)
  • how to work independently
  • how to structure a news report
  • how to conduct an interview and report findings
  • how to write about mathematics
  • how to compose and perform a recycling jingle.
  • how to use visual media to represent a mathematical concept
  • how to demonstrate their knowledge of integer rules.

Required Components:

  • News article research, outilne, and final article
  • Possible interview notes and article
  • Choice article notes and article
  • Mathematical comic strip
  • Front cover, front and back inside covers, back cover
  • Election survey article with graphs and explanation
  • Writing, composing and performing a recycling jingle.  
  • Writing several articles

Nov 7, 2013, 11:59 AM
Nov 7, 2013, 11:59 AM