Ancient Greece and Rome: Advanced Communities & Famous Individuals

Essential Questions:    Who were the mythological beings of ancient Greece and Rome, and what did they do?

                                            Who were the accomplished people of these civilizations, and what did they do?

Project Description:

Students will become gods, goddesses, mortals, and mythological creatures in a play based on an ancient Greek myth.

        To explore the meanings and purposes of Greek myths, students will become actors, producers, and directors to establish characters and perform a play, "The Hunt for Medusa,"  based on the ancient Greek myth of Perseus and the Gorgons. 

Students will become biographers to research and write a report about a famous (or infamous) ancient Greek or Roman.

        To understand the accomplishments of ancient Greeks and Romans, students will select a person from these civilizations, discover their achievements, and describe their lives.

Ancient Greece:  People




Julius Caesar

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Ancient Greek games

Ancient Civilizations

Required Components:

  • Nonfiction research paper on significant ancient Greek or Roman person
  • Play Performance
  • Greek-style musical selection
  • Descriptive paragraph of Medusa with portrait

Standards, Strands, Skills (Students will learn and do....):
  • reading
  • writing
  • research 
  • speaking
  • history
  • government
  • music

Major assessments (Students will be evaluated by ...):
  • Play participation and performance
  • Completion of research paper on accomplished ancient Greek and Roman person
  • Composing a descriptive paragraph of Medusa
  • Band piece based off the Greek tune, Zorba

In Art
Students look at ancient Greek pottery, learn to identify the 3 main styles of Greek pottery, the various types of pots and their uses. They draw and cut out a symmetrical pot of their choice and decorate it in the ancient Greek style. They also design a stamp to create a "Greek style" border around their work.

In Foreign Language
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Characters and Identities: Exploration .....

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