Constitutional Convention - 8th

Essential Question:

Who governs? What is national identity?

Project Description:

In 1787, a federal convention convened to revise the Articles of Confederation, however after debate and discussion it became clear that a new frame for the government was needed. In state delegation groups seventh grade students will present the views and ideas of their assigned delegates and fictional constituents. Taking on the role of a state delegate or state reporter, students will present a delegate profile including a position statement.

On Exhibition night, students will present their delegation's booth at our own Constitutional Convention. Each delegation will work together to produce the following components:

  • a musical persuasion piece like School House Rock where students compose and perform songs about elements of government. 

  • a delegate(s) profile (five paragraph- research essay) - Students will research and write an essay identifying the delegates originally selected to attend the Convention from their assigned State. The essay must address the following requirements and focus questions:

    • What in the delegates background or life experience contributed towards their position? 
    • What was their view on the Article of Confederation and the Constitution issues?
      • states rights vs. national identity
      • trade
      • government structure (checks and balances)
      • voting requirement
  • a position speech (two paragraph persuasive essay/speech)-  Choose an Amendment or Article of the Constitution that is considered significant. Develop an argument for or against the adoption of that amendment or article, to be presented in oral and written format. The seventh grade will conduct a survey of topics relating to the Constitution. The results of the survey will be tallied, analyzed and incorporated into the persuasive argument. 

  • a visual (pamphlet, poster, display) persuading your audience to your delegates point of view

Standards, Strands, Skills: 

  • reading
  • writing
  • research 
  • speaking
  • history
  • economics
  • composing
  • singing
  • data collection and analysis

  • persuasive essay
  • research essay
  • performance
  • persuasive speech

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