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Know the Globe

Learning Objective:

Students will identify differences between Behaim's earth apple and modern globe. Also, they will review components of globe/map.

Hook, Anticipatory Set, Introduction:  

Students talk in table groups to share differences they discovered between Earth Apple and 2012 globe from homework. 

Direction Instruction:

Direct students to physical map in atlas and locate continents that were unknown to Behaim in 1490.
Identify specific locations for students to find and" to travel to" e.g. Marco Polo from Italy to China.
Next, students find equator, prime meridian, compass rose, lines of longitude and latitude.

Guided Practice:

Independent Practice, Formative Assessment:

Students label "map" terms on blank world map.

Homework: Assign outline world map to label continents and oceans.
                  Students use following website to answer "why explorers explored"