Who are We and Who are We Becoming: Explorers, Inventors, Poets, & Promoters

Essential Question:

How does exploration enrich who we are?

Project Description:

Students will create, invent, design, and compose.  Students will demonstrate their understanding of how exploration contributed to the 
growth of society and the exchange of ideas.
Each student will:
  • design a food web from a biome of the world
  • research an explorer and write an essay
  • tulip - Dutch economy- ART 
Fifth grade students will learn:
  • how to work independently
  • how to work collaboratively
  • how to design and build...
  • how to conduct research using reference materials
  • how to write responses to prompts and support answers with research and material learned in class
  • how to cite sources and create a bibliography
  • how to use ipads to conduct research
  • how to prepare and deliver oral presentation
  • how to write a persuasive argument
  • how to illustrate 
  • how to compose music
Required Components:
  • Explorer essay
  • Map of Explorer's Voyage
  • Food Web from a biome of the world
  • Map and 3-D model of dream town
Standards, Strands, Skills (Students will learn, do): 
A basic list of major standard, strands, and skills assessed in this projects. These should follow the state frameworks, including ELA and Math Common Core.

  • reading
  • writing
  • research 
  • speaking
  • history
  • economics
  • mathematics
  • science
  • visual design and composition
  • music

  • Explorer essay
  • Map of Explorer's Voyage
  • Food Web
  • Map and 3-D model of dream town
  • musical performance

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