"I think, therefore I am:" The Importance of One

Essential Question:

How can one person inspire global change?

Project Description:

Over the course of the year, eighth graders have studied the power of nations, of groups, and of ideas; this trimester, they will study the power of the individual in enacting global change. The students will complete two projects: they will become an influential mathematician/scientist of the past, and they will reflect on their own importance and self-discovery in their graduation speeches. Investigating the impact of individual mathematicians and scientists throughout history will enable students to consider the impact they can have as powerful and influential members of a global society.

Required Components:

  • Autobiography
  • Fictional first-person narrative for Mathematician/Scientist
  • Hook
  • 2D visual
  • 3D visual
  • Choice Visual
  • Costume
  • Audio documentary
Standards, Strands, Skills (Students will learn, do): 
A basic list of major standard, strands, and skills assessed in this projects. These should follow the state frameworks, including ELA and Math Common Core.

  • reading
  • creative writing
  • research¬†
  • speaking
  • history
  • math
  • science
  • musis

These assessments should be identified in your curriculum map and documented in our assessment portfolio.
  • 2D, 3D, and Choice Visuals
  • Mathematician/Scientist Autobiography (Historical Fiction)
  • Self Autobiography
  • Hook
  • Garage Band documentary about a mathematician or scientist