Meeting Minutes

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Minutes 4 2019

Minutes from 4-4 2019 Meeting


Welcome   Ned Savage opened with introductions/call signs at 7:00pm at Police Station.

Motion to Approve Minutes Approved

Motion to Approve Treasurer’s Report  Approved

 Business- FREEFEST is APRIL 13, 2019!!!  100% full and 20% outside. 

Sorry to report MFJ canceled, but several other vendors will be selling MFJ products.

Food is ordered, most of kitchen help is coming back to work.  Special events will

be held upstairs such as Testing, MARS, ARRL, and Digital Club.  Prizes are wonderful and

have been given and pick up except a few that will be delivered at FreeFest.

Ticket area has been moved to the front wall and all tables have been assigned.  Parking

is available by the building and across overflow area.  Please do not park by the Library.

Tickets for FreeFest , please see Rick Tillman.

Break-Refreshments- John and Jean brought can drinks and chips. 

Thank you, John and Jean, so much!!!

Handout passed out from the Police.

Program Slides and reports from Hamfests and Hurricane Michael.

Drawing : James Martin, Fannie, Cindy, Barri1,Ray,Richard,and Art


Meeting closed by Ned Savage.


Submitted by  Cindy Foster, KJ4VUV, Secretary


Mid-South Amateur Radio Assoc.
Amount In Dollars
Previous Bank Balance:  03-31-2019 8,091.23
Income (Deposits)
Dues 105.00
Donation to support FreeFest 200.00
Delta Club prize donation for FreeFest 200.00
FreeFest Ticket Sales 4,653.00
FreeFest Concession Sales 1,322.00
Donation to LeBonheur from the YL group 133.00
Return of seed money for FreeFest Ticket  Sales and Concession Sales 800.00
Total Income (Deposits) 7,413.00
Expenses (Cleared Checks)
DR - Extra Space Storage - Rental fee 50.00
1359 - Cash for FreeFest prize from Delta Club 200.00
1360 - Cash for FreeFest seed money for Concession Sales 400.00
1361 - Cash for FreeFest seed money for Ticket Sales 400.00
1362 - Dennis Foster - Reimbursement for FreeFest dinner for ARRL guests 84.15
1362 - Dennis Foster - Reimbursement for FreeFest supplies 17.53
Total Expenses (Cleared Checks & Debits) 1,151.68
Current Bank Balance: 04-30-2019 14,352.55
Unpresented Checks
Total Unpresented Checks: 04-30-2019 0.00
Balance in check register:  04-30-2019 14,352.55
Difference ( + / - ) 0.00
Bank Accounts
Checking - Regions 14,352.55
Checking - Pinnacle - closed account 0.00
Certificate of Deposit - Pinnacle (formerly MAGNA) 26,339.31
Total Bank Accounts 40,691.86
Prepared by:  
Date: 5/1/2019