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At Maraetai Beach School we believe strongly that Mathematics is best learnt through relating problems to the real world. By doing this we are helping our learners to see the relevance of often complex tasks in a way that is most likely to be engaging and memorable for them.
This site has been developed to help teachers to plan, parents to gain the knowledge to discuss mathematics and support their child. But most importantly it allows students to practice a skill or concept they have learnt that day.
If you would like to find out more about helping your child at
home with their maths, or learn about the wide variety of strategies that they are taught, this website may be useful- as may the links to the right. 

What does maths look like in a typical MBS classroom?
In our classes, we usually begin lessons with some 'quick fire' games or activities to get our brains warmed up!

Sometimes we do these games or activities in our maths books, using our pens to write.  Sometimes we play games which involve game boards, counters,
dice and other hands-on materials.
It is really important that we revise our basic facts, to help us to become more confident at recalling them, and using them to solve more challenging maths problems.
We have groups for maths and these groups are flexible, based on what we need to know. Our groups see the teacher at least twice a week for a lesson and then we do a follow up activity to practice the skill or concept we just learnt
We often use 'hands-on' materials in our maths lessons to help us grasp new concepts.  These may include counters, cubes, base ten materials, tens frames, number lines or hundreds boards. This is essential for helping us to build a mental image of some of the tricky concepts we learn.

 At the end of a lesson we have a plenary session and we get to share what we learnt. It is important that we get to explain and model our thinking and/or strategies for others - that's when we know we have truly understood the concepts!
We don't always do our maths work in our books - sometimes we practice the skills and strategies that we have learned by completing activities on the class computers and laptops or by working in a group using chart paper or our modelling book.
This provides valuable opportunities to practice, revise, consolidate and apply the learning that has taken place in class.  Using the computers and ipads is also fun too!!

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For Parents...
These links will give you more information about how maths is taught and how you can support your child with their mathematical thinking and learning. The families section of NZ Maths Targeted teaching of all domains of maths, used in class program and you can create an account for your child and use to support them at home too. Games targeted to numeracy stages Maths and literacy games- your child has a login Small fee paying online Australian site. with excellent interactive home learning great for getting year 7 and 8 on track for college This is online PD for teachers and may help you to understand the different stages of the NZ numeracy project Info on maths and all areas of education