Omar Rajeh | Maqamat

BIPOD is delighted to see that Beytna by Omar Rajeh - Maqamat, co-produced by Bipod- Beirut International Platform of Dance and presented in 2016 has entered its 4th year of international touring.

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Jacopo Jenna & Bassam Abou Diab

Incontro by Jacopo Jenna and Bassam Abou Diab has been presented at Théâtre de la Ville (page officielle), Paris, on May 23rd as part of Chantiers d'Europe 2019 - L'Europe des Arts.

Incontro is a project created with the support of | Kinkaleri | Fabbrica Europa | Omar Rajeh - Maqamat | Bipod- Beirut International Platform of Dance| Institut Culturel Italien de Paris

Bassam Abou Diab

Under the Flesh by Bassam Abou Diab, co-produced by Bipod- Beirut International Platform of Danceand presented in 2017 within Moultaqa Leymoun for the local and international audience has entered its 3rd year of international touring.

Latest dates were 3, 4 May at Naujasis Baltijos Šokis/New Baltic Dance 2019 in Lithuania and 5 May at Teatro Pubblico Pugliese in Bari/ Italy.

Mitra Ziaee Kia & Hiva Sedaghat

Through the Skin

This performance portrays the artist's personal experiences about love and pleasure, pain and suffering, through their bodies. Placed inside a net; fragile and delicate yet limiting, this net separates their bodies from the outside world, a limitation that might as well be broken at any moment.

Presented at Zürcher Theater Spektakel and the Spring festival, Utrecht in 2019.

Azi Dahaka

Zahak - known to be an evil figure in Persian mythology, takes on the form of Azi Dahaka in ancient Persian folklore. This tale of Azi Dahaka is one in which a man with human qualities, shape shifts into a terrifying brain-eating dragon, as soon as he is faced with pain, agony, sorrow and fear. It is within this myth that Mitra and Hiva locate themselves, taking the audience into the dark atmosphere of a human’s slow transformation into a monster. Light, fabric, foam and plastic, Azi Dahaka is a visual and somatic rendering of the birth of a monster.

Co-produced by Citerne Beirut & Bipod Festival with the support of Maqamat and apap - Performing Europe 2020.

Ghida Hachicho

Beyond a certain point, movement itself changes

Between two checkpoints, a choreography emerges. A constantly transforming spatial configuration dictates certain movements or restricts it. The question that arises afterwards, can a planned or organized movement change that space in return? The work is a performative lecture that explores the spatial dynamics of the Mathaf crossing and its continuous transformation during the Lebanese Civil War up to 1987, when an organized protest dismantled that border for just one day.

Co-produced by Citerne Beirut & BIPOD Festival with the support of Maqamat, apap - Performing Europe 2020 and Ashkal Alwan.