Related platforms

Apart from the touring, co-productions and artistic possibilities resulted from Moultaqa leymoun, Moultaqa Leymoun has generated many projects that allowed a wider visibility to the artists presented in the platform, therefore initiating more collaborations, partnerships , opportunities and cultural exchange.

Projects listed below:

Happynest with APAP | Day & Night, within Oktoberdans | FOCUS 2018, ITALIAN TOUR |Premio Roma Danza 16th Edition by the National Dance Academy in Rome | Meem & Meem Dance Congress| مشرق إلى المغرب - Mashreq to Maghreb | Paradise Project 2.0 & 3.0 | Maqamat Beit El Raqs Week in Chouf | CO2, Site specific festival

Day & Night, within Oktoberdans | Bergen, Norway | 2018

"Beirut Day & Night is a full night. Three short dance performances, two staged lectures, an artist interview and workshops. The evening ends with an artistic event of a party with erotic songs in Arabic. As a central art and cultural city, Beirut has for many years been a focal point for visual art and architecture, and through the last three years it has also positioned itself as the most important city for contemporary dance in the region.

Despite the circumstances and the lack of opportunities in many Arab countries, dance has played an important, active, influential and social role far beyond the artistic field. The question is no longer whether dance should be accepted or not, but how dance can affect how we look at ourselves and society. This thinking goes again among dance artists from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine and Tunisia. The perspective has increasingly been characterized by the festival programs in Beirut, which have also become politically relevant events."

FOCUS 2018, ITALIAN TOUR | Italy | 2018


"Born from the sharing of intentions of eleven Italian structures, which have become fourteen in 2018, and in collaboration with BIPOD / Beirut international platform of dance and the Maqamat Dance Theater of Beirut, the Focus experiments different practices and formats that give life to a long and articulated plan of artistic programming offering to the public and to Italian artists a unique opportunity for knowledge and experience of the multiform panorama of the young dance of the Mediterranean.

From March to September and crossing the national territory from Turin to Catania, the project created entertainment evenings and work sessions, short and long format performances presentations, offered selected young choreographers different artistic residencies and occasions of thematic discussions through meetings with other artists and with the public, organizesd workshops and master classes, focusing in particular on the exchange of performative practices among foreign artists and the realities of the Italian territory, supporting the start of shared projects. "

Premio Roma Danza 16th Edition by the National Dance Academy in Rome | Italy | 2018

Along with Koffi Koko ( Benin) Elisabeth Nehring (Germany) Hafiz Dhaou (Tunisia) Francesca Manica (Italy) Valentina Valentini (Italy), Italo Pesce Delfino (Italy), Omar Rajeh was invited as member of Jury for the 16th Edition of the Premio Roma Danza 2018 in choreography and video-dance.

Maqamat was proud to see Tunisian choreographer and dancer Hamdi Dridi winning the first prize of the competition.

Hamdi Dridi has been performing in Moutaqa leymoun and involved in several Maqamat projects over the past years.

Meem & Meem Dance Congress | 2017

The Meem Project brought together five dance organizations from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Algeria and Tunisia to work together and develop a capacity building and networking project. Each partner proposed two young choreographers/artists to be part of the project. The 10 young artists benefited from a one-year program of artistic exchanges and collaboration with the partners as well as activities including theoretical and practical discussions related to the artistic processes and the politics of performance making.

The Meem Project aims to build a contemporary dance network throughout the Arab region that will be addressing urgent artistic, social and cultural needs and concerns as well as emphasizing the spread of information, meetings, and exchanges among the dance artists and organizations. Such a network is needed, culturally and artistically, for a long-term and sustainable development.

The Meem Dance Congress was the final station of the Meem Project and the beginning of a wider development for the vision of the project. It took place for three days, at the end of Maqamat’s intensive dance training program TAKWEEN.

2017 | Hellerau Center for Arts | Dresden, Germany | مشرق إلى المغرب - Mashreq to Maghreb


Omar Rajeh and Mia Habis ,resident curators of the festival held by Hellerau - European center for the Arts in Dresden.

Mashreq to Maghreb - From Sunrise to Sunset | Hellerau - European center for the Arts in Dresden | 17th to 25th February 2017

The Festival, curated by Omar Rajeh and Mia Habis, presents the contemporary art scene from different Arab Countries together with international artists: nine evenings and one full night evening that celebrated creativity and dynamism ( ...). From Sunrise to Sunset, This idea of a day, that highlights the opposites within it, proposes a more complex question of how do we go through it, with our bodies, thoughts, values, beliefs, complexities, fears, insecurities and urgencies. Two weeks of tragedy and ease, good Arabic food, the disruption in a civil war, cross-border music between orient and occident, stories and myths and a program that creates a multi-voice mosaic of sound and movement.

Paradise Project 2.0 & 3.0 | NUREMBERG, GERMANY | 2016 & 2018

Paradise 2.0

In December 2015, audiences and performers camped from sunset to dawn on the Tafelhalle stage to share about paradise, inspired by shared rituals, lectures and performances. A place of longing that is thought differently depending on the cultural, philosophical or political context.

Paradise 3.0

What does it look like, the new planet on which we are building a new future together? Artists from Iran, Lebanon and Europe show in Paradise 3.0 their vision of a new, cosmic world without territorial barriers.

A concept by Beate Höhn, Arne Forke, Peter Wendl.

Maqamat Beit El Raqs Week in Chouf| 2016

By the end of Takween 2016, Maqamat organised a Week of cultural and artistic activities in Baakline, Bater & Deir El Qamar within the Chouf region of Lebanon . The participants of Takween had the opportunity to perform as part of th eprogram

CO2- CHOREOGRAPHERS & COMPOSERS , Site specific festival | Beirut, Lebanon | 2014

Founded and organized by BIPOD-Beirut International Platform of Dance and IRTIJAL-Beirut International Festival for Experimental Music.

'CO2-choreographers & composers' introduced some fresh air into the Lebanese artistic and cultural scene by instigating collaborations between two very popular art mediums: dance and music. CO² brought together artists from both disciplines, to create new and genuine collaborative work, leading to performances in public and outdoor spaces, as well as cultural venues and theaters. CO2 was based on exchange and collaboration projects between Lebanese and Norwegian artists and took place in Beirut, in addition to performances in Baakline, Deir El Qamar, and Zahle.