About Moultaqa Leymoun

Founded by Maqamat, Moultaqa Leymoun is a meeting for emerging and established artists from Lebanon and other arab dance scene, together with the Lebanese audience and international dance professionals, critics, and producers.

Its purpose is to create a pan-Arab Contemporary Dance collaborative network, that allows the sharing and dissemination of information about the work of Arab dance artists, choreographers, and practitioners, both regionally and internationally.

Moultaqa Leymoun also focuses on the development and cultivation of contemporary dance in the Mediterranean and Arab Region by providing a platform for exchange, meetings, and training for young dance artists, organizing seminars, talks and discussion panels, performances and informal studio presentations.

As the 7 previous editions were a great success, with the participation of hundreds of international presenters, festival directors, critics, and dance professionals invited to attend the platform .

It has played a very important role in the development and progress of an Arab contemporary dance scene and it created a very strong condition for artist visibility and future opportunities, allowing future artistic residencies, collaborations, co-productions, network and exchange for artists.

Moultaqa Leymoun has become today an unmissable rendez-vous for contemporary dance from the Arab countries.

DOCUMENTARY: What is your Dance? / About Moultaqa Leymoun by Eric Orhan