GN|MC - Guy Nader|Maria Campos

Partnering & Tools for Creation

Sunday 7th of April | 11am | Citerne Beirut | Duration: 2 Hours

This workshop is based on the vocabulary and movement generators developed in GN | MC’s creations. We will search for mechanics in movement, observing it in order to multiply paths and approaches. By understanding the complexity of the movement anatomy we will look into the possibilities that the body offers to increase our movement vocabulary. We will be using specific tasks and exercises to prepare the body for this demanding technique, learning many strategies and studying different ways to approach our partner. Within these tools we will be able to create our own patterns within the group and to develop our sense of responsibility and confidence in trusting ourselves and in the others as well as taking risks.

GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos is an independent ensemble based in Barcelona, Spain. The Lebanese and Spanish artists have collaborated together since 2006, and their works have been shown in various festivals and venues around the world. GN|MC have been invited as guest choreographers to create for different European companies: EnKnapGroup in Slovenia, Eva Duda Dance Company/Movein Mission in Hungary, Staatstheater Braunschweig and Tanzmainz company in Germany. GN|MC has been awarded the German theatre prize DER FAUST 2017 for their work FALL SEVEN TIMES created with Tanzmainz, Staatstheater Mainz in Germany.

Marco Cantalupo | Cie LINGA

Wednesday 10th of April | 5:30pm | Citerne Beirut | Duration: 2 hours

Led by company co-choreographer and co-director Marco Cantalupo, Cie Linga’s workshop will develop a technical work based on the relation to gravity, imbalance, fluidity, energy and the precision of movement. The analysis of the internal paths of the body - of the “anatomy” of gesture - will allow for an exploration of several amplifications and qualities of movement with a new type of authenticity. Throughout the workshop, some choreographic phrases of Cie Linga’s repertoire will be taught and learned in order to further research movement that is fully experienced within the space and context of the workshop.

Marco Cantalupo was born in Genova, Italy. He studied at the Scala in Milan ballet school followed by the Hamburg Opera ballet school, where he graduated. Several stays in the U.S.A. gave him the opportunity to work with the choreographer Daniel Ezralow (Momix, ISO). He danced with the Hamburg Opera, and then as a soloist with the Staatstheather Gelsenkirchen, the National Ballet of Portugal, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Stadttheater Bern and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. He choreographed for a number of independent projects in Italy before founding Linga with Katarzyna Gdaniec.

Please note, there are limited spaces available for this workshop. Payment for the workshop can be made directly at Antoine Ticketing. For Further information please contact .