Our one goal is to educate the youth in Aviation

Last update 26DEC13

The Training Room has mover from the old restoration Building to the SW room in hangar.

Projects we have been working on:
Started in the old gift shop in restoration building.
Kent designed and built these flight simulators

Kent also design the layout of the KCAK airport table.

Rick and Chris wiring all the lights for taxi ways, runways, and tower.

Training board to use to teach airport procedure.
Flight Training.

2012 the training room was in the old meeting room in Restoration building.
Picture some where in back of the computer memory.

New Training Room in Hangar.
Dale working on electric.                            21DEC13                                   Temp set up of computer simulators.
New room  in hangar.                                                                                 Allen's room will be moved to the new building.
Room is still under remodeling. Ceiling and walls being painted. 
Entrance from what will be the engine display room.                            26DEC13                    Insulating and painting being done.
Work Station stored till work is done on the room.                26DEC13                   Electrical work being done to power the stations.