Crew Chief's Update Log (Restoration Progress):
03/02/2008 - Work has started on the rear control surfaces; new skins will have to be rebuilt for the elevators and rudder.  Some general cleanup and sheet metal work is continuing on the rest of the aircraft.

11/15/2007 - After a layout while the T-37 crew handled other duties, work continues on the T-37 'tail feathers' - the vertical stabilizier trailing edge has been cleaned and rudder attach points have been re-attached to the stabilizer.  The USAF-installed locking device for the rudder and elevators (installed as part of the demilling process) has been disassembled, cleaned and reassembled).  The vertical stablizer has been stripped and minor surface damage to the aluminum repaired. 

05/30/2007 - Work continues on the tail section.  New nutplates are installed on the horizontal stabilizer, and 1/2 done on the vertical stabilizer.  We've removed the nutplates that cover the elevator trim tab mechanism and are cleaning up that area next.>05/19/2007 - Work continues on getting the T-37 fuselage ready for the City of Green parade.  We're in the process of removing and replacing may of the nut plate fasteners that are on the tail section of the T-37.

05/05/2007 - The rudder and vertical stabilizer are removed to clean and facilitate panel replacement.
04/28/2007 - Work has started on the control surfaces.  One of the wings has been moved to the restoration building for cleaning, panel replacement, and paint prep.  The empennage (tail structure) is also in the restoration building, and both elevators have been removed to facilitate cleaning and repair work.  

04/12/2007 - Work has focused on the cockpit area of the T-37, with general cleanout and survey being done.  The windscreen and canopy glass has been removed, and after much persuasion, the canopy mechanism was able to be opened.  We are now in the process of stripping paint off the external skin to survey the condition of the external airframe sheetmetal. 


The T-37 is getting closer to coming together. Tony and Steve have been working on it while doing other need work around MAPS.

Steve has it painted.                                             08FEB12                                         Ellen is doing her brush work.



Bottom is finished.

It works.

Touch up work done by Steve.

Relabeling done by Tony.

Steve is the crew chief.

Tony has most of the labeling done.

T-37 makes it way to the hangar.

The plane is now in the hangar.

T-37 staging for wings and tail.

Tony, Wayne, and Larry study the manual for lift points.

Tail section restored to the T-37.

T-37 as of 28NOV12

UV and heat ruined the plexiglass.

Tony and Jim removing the canopy frame.