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Cessna T-37 "Tweety Bird"

 T-37 fuselage in the large hangar, 2007 • photo James Kohan

 MAPS' T-37 at the U.S. Air Force Museum 26 years ago.  Since 1981 it's been housed 
by (at least) 2 different aviation museums, and when recovered by MAPS was sitting 
out in a field.  Our restoration work will be to repair the corrosion that has set in.

T-37 fuselage in the ramp after arrival @ MAPS � photo Steve Satchell

The amazingly complete cockpit in MAPS' T-37 • photo James Kohan

Reskinning one of the Tweet's elevators � photo Rick Willaman

Guests inspect T-37 wing restoration @ Spring 2007 Pancake Breakfast"
 James Kohan

05/05/2007 - Rudder and Vertical Stabilizer removal day


                                                        Crew Chief Steve Satchell                                                             Jim Kohan       
 Left: After rudder removal, Steve works on removing vertical stabilizer


new nutplates in the T-37 empennage.  Years of exposure to Southern weather caused most of the
fasteners to be corroded beyond repair, so replacements are being installed• photo James Kohan

prior to prep and painting, we're tracing the current markings for duplication later.  We're in the 
process of removing nutplates from the vertical stabilizer as well •
 photo James Kohan