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2014 Stunt/Carrier Competition

Hi Gang. Well the Akron Cleveland Stunt Competition has come and gone. It was the best ever. The weather was NORTH EAST OHIO and that means it was, at best, partially co-operative. The Sun was out with a little cloud cover, very good. The temperature was mild, low 70s to high 60s, very good. The wind was out of the South, I mean the West, no, make that the East or was it the North? Yea that's it, all of the above. The wind gusts were mild, heavy, gale force. In fact only the brave and dedicated were doing much flying. Despite all of the weather it was still a great event and those that were there still had a great time.

Gary Hull and Wayne Buran set up a great carrier deck for the Carrier Event. Alas their efforts were trumped by Mother Nature and Her wind. The Carrier flyers had a big problem with their slow laps, blew some of them right out of the air. John Vlna was not to be intimidated and was the big winner in three events. Perhaps next year will be more co-operative.

The Stunt Guys were a little better off, no real slow motion. It was still tricky though, you never knew for sure which way the wind was coming and when it was coming, and how hard it was coming. Those that dared were usually satisfied with one flight.

Some serious discussion will be happening this winter on next years Event dates. Any input from you would be greatly appreciated.

Rog Strickler & The Akron Skymasters

Rstrickler1@neo.rr.com 330-645-1435