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2013 Stunt photo

 I want to thank Serge Krauss, Dave Evar, Will Hubin, and Jerri Freeman for all of the photos they submitted for
the 2013  Stunt Contest held at MAPS 
Here's a cross section of what went on.
 Saturdays weather started and ended like this                              We stuck it out for  while, then decided to restart Sunday.
 Sunday Jerri Freeman started gettin' our shtuff together              Hudak and Bregar discuss Hudaks All elec w/ retracts
 Bill Werwage shares secrets with Heinzman about the JUNAR        Jim Lee and Jerry Phelps stay dry under the C-47 wing
Scott Reynolds signs in under the C-47. It makes a great shelter for all kinds of activities like weigh in too . Heinzman and Hennen
                                                                       Headquarters for everything.
 Dan Bregar readies for his flight                                                  Larry Robertson and Dave Evar do a test fire on Larrys plane
 Bob McDonald and Bill Werwage  fire up.                                      Bill releases for Bob
Hudaks all electric gets a look from Werwage                                Gear down , ready to land. Bobs retracts worked very well.
                                   Bob McDonald and Bill Werwage worked well as a team in practice.
                    Carl Dodge gives Larry Robertson a weigh in                                                    Eastern Circle line up
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