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2013 Speed Competition

Here's where it all happened, the MAPS Air Museum            The sign in desk was under the wing of the C47          
 in North Canton, Ohio


Jerri Freeman and Teresa Rowh made sign in easy.          The pit area was soft and grassy and right next to the circle.
Get the timers set up  
Let's get some timers set up. Logan Brown ( the youngest Skymaster) was eager to learn.  Glenn Davis (Logans' Grampa), Chris Everson, Ray Rowh (CD), Dave Mark, Chris Montagino, Carl Dodge, all took turns at it.
With everything set up and and everyone ready, the action began and continued for the next two days.
 Chris and Warren fire up.                                                     Chris turns it loose.
         Dave Mark releases for Chris.                                            Chris brings it around.
       Bill Hughes flys his Perky.                                                  The Perky in action.
 Bill Hughes gets ready to fly Brents Fast Jet.             Dave Mark and Brent fire up the Fast Jet.