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More fun pics from the 2012 Stunt Contest
 Dan Bregar is ready for lift off                                                    Here's two world class electric stunters and Bob Hunt
The practice circle got a lot of use                                               Gary Tultz ponders the electric stunters
 Gary Hull put on a Carrier demo and entertained several people that had never seen this type of Control line flying.
                It was nice to see Mike Alimov again.                                           Mikes kids are always a welcome sight.
          Clyde and Herman are getting in the air-----------------and love was in the air too. A wedding, then and there.
Don Sopka, Frank Zabudske, and _______ enjoy the day.              Serge looks over Rog's antique "DARWING "
 Ron and Don Hennen with___________________        The sign in table was under the wing of WWII  C47
         Nelson Erbs and Eric Keller spar off in the Intermediate circle.
 Don't forget to see the Awards page for even more fun pics.