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2012 Stunt Contest

The 2012 Akron/Cleveland Stunt Contest is history and I want to tell you,,
WOW, what a great weekend! WOW, what a great contest! WOW, what a great bunch of contestants! WOW WOW WOW that really says it! The weatherman said "showers and wind", didn't happen. The weather was great! Naysayers said "it'll be a flop" "nobody will come", wrong. The attendence was great! Especially since it was the first here at MAPS. And what a great bunch of fliers, I want to thank each of you for making this contest a success. Here are a few highlights.
 Youth was well represented by Samantha.                                Scott Reynolds did his part both days.
 Bud Weider came all the way from the Garden State NJ.    Look who made a surprise visit "The Man" Bill Werwage.
The Flight Line was busy all day long  and parking was convenient for all the contestants 
 Wes Dick seemed to have a plane in the air all day.                Dave Heinzman really looks confident, doesn't he. 
 Bob McDonald puts on a show for the Judges.                        Ron, Will, and Serge discuss , , , everything. 
Dave Evar put all of the awards together on the spot!             Bob Hunt showed everyone how to do it right. 1st Place Expert. 
 World Speed Champ Carl Dodge and Sandy converse.          Nelson Erbs and Bob Hudak, both judged and competed.
Special thanks to these two guys for spending both of their days  Judging instead of flying. Dave Johnson and Gary Tultz are both Expert Fliers and could have given anyone there a real run for their money.
Here's the guy that made it all happen. Our Contest Director  Ray  "3 Toes" Rowh.   THANK YOU RAY! We couldn't have done it without ya!
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