The Akron Skymasters Control line Association is an AMA chartered model airplane club dedicated to the support of control line model aviation. We embrace all disciplines of sport and competition. Our club is newly formed but our member’s range from new youngsters to old timers, from janitors to PHDs, all with the same goals, the preservation of this great sport(And lots of fun)

Do not be confused, this is Control Line flying not radio control. For those of you not familiar with control line, our models are tethered. Simply stated they are directly connected to the pilot by a handle and approximately sixty feet of cable. We fly in a contained 120-ft. diameter hemisphere. Entry level control line flying is very affordable.
The Skymasters club meeting is the third Wednesday of each month. We meet at "Rogers Hangar" (the garage at 390 W. Caston Rd. Akron Oh 44319) Anyone and everyone is welcome. Don't be afraid to drop in.