Crew Chief's Update (Restoration Progress):
03/02/2008 With major work on the wing center section done, we've brought the left wing into the restoration workshop for our crack woodworkers to start on.  Work is also continuing on the fuselage, focusing on the rudder pedal linkages.

05/29/2007 Work continues on the wooden center spar.  This is some additional work being done to smaller wooden assemblies that will attach to the fuselage later.

04/28/2007 Work continues on the wooden center spar, control surfaces, and engine cleaning.  We had a nice visitor today, a MAPS member from the Akron / Canton area that restored and flew his own PT-26 (a canopied version of the PT-19) in the mid-1950s.  We're hoping that he's able to come back and give us some of his time, but he's currently working on a 2/3 scale P-51, so we don't know if he will be able to or not. of the aircraft has been media blasted by U.S. Technology of Canton and is being cleaned while work starts on the center section.

09/25/2011 Major work has started on the reassembly of the aircraft. Jim Cummings has taken over as the Crew Chief. 


This is great, the restoration being done on the PT-19. Thanks Crew!


Bob Hollis in white coveralls  Jim Cummings back of the wing and Dean Putnam working on the edge of the wing.

Clay and ML Weaver wearing the ball cap.
Linkage is almost hooked up. Dean, ML, Clay and Bob.
It is great to see so much hard work being done on all the aircraft.
Bob inside, ML and Dean
Heard one say the PT-19 will be taxing when they get done.


Dean working with what parts they can find.                   02NOV11                      Jim also looking for parts to keep the crew busy

Clay making up tubing for brake lines.                                03DEC11                                  ML and Bob still looking for parts.

Jim and ML wondering where the chain for flap control is.  

  ML looking for MAG switch connecting rod. 
ML and Clay Working on the engine compartment.


                           Bob and ML working a a piece in the wing.                21JAN12                         It is in a tight stop, but in good hands.

ML working on instrument panel.                        25JAN12                          Crew Chief Jim proud of the work being done.

PT-19 now has wheels making one more step closer to taxing around proudly.

Bob still trying to get that piece in the wing. 28JAN12 

Clay working on the rear instrument panel.                   04FEB12                     Jim found a part to find where it goes.

Clay has both panels almost competed.

Bob and ML check oil cooler mounting. 08FEB12 Jim still trying to place that part he found.

ML looking for the machine screws for the panel. 11FEB12 only one in today.

 Sure getting things moving.                                           14FEB12                  Clay and ML working on magneto switch.

Clay's home work sure looks great.                          14FEB12                         Look at the work being done.

Clay has taken over as Crew Chief.                       15FEB12                                    Oil cooler mounted.

Sure is coming together. 18FEB12 This part goes some where.

Lots of good work going on.                                       22FEB12                                   Here is what was done.

Table full of tubing.                                      25FEB12                                      It goes where?

Jim feeding control cable.                                          29LEAP12                                  Clay and Jim have cable in.

Piece by piece the PT-19 comes together.

Clay working on the wiring and Jim checking clearance.

Prop we got the prop. Contact.

Tail Wheel installed.                                                                                   Seats installed.

Pieces stripped and painted.                                                                 One more run up of the Ranger engine.

Ken and Clay working on the wings.

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