restoration of the P-51 Mock.

Getting ready to move the fuselage into the restoration hanger.
Safely tucked along the wall of the hanger.
Up side down to get the wings attached.
 Weak frame that gave in the strong winds.
 Keith, Tony, Ron, and Jim
Ron welding the frames for the wings.
Improved frame to hold up in the wind. 
Ron welding and welding.
Perfect on both sides.
Tail sections.
Ron and Jim working on the base frame.
Flipping the frame to add the interface for the plane.
The hard work of the crew have the wings bolted together.
Coming together. Keith beside the P51 mounting.
It is coming together.
Ron and Keith fitting the tail in place.
Ron say it has a wiggle waggle in the tail problem.
Visitors from North of the museum stopped to see us.
Prop at rest waiting.
Ron cutting tubing to beef up the tail.
Bracing a loose tail to get rid of the movement. 

Jim filling the missing parts of the bad wing.                          03DEC11                                                        Crew installing the prop.

Clay and Jim finishing the covering of the broken wing.

Ron working on the wing.

Clay and Jim working on the wing surface.                             25JAN12                          Clay has been working on two projects.

Clay  Layering the wing.                                                          04FEB12                              Jim working on the under side of the wing. 

Bob and Jim trying to remove set back caused by water on wing.           08FEB12                               Keith and Ron  planning the next move.

Jim working on the wing. 18FEB12  Soon the wing will be ready.

Peeling off the old paint.                                          22FEB12                                             Wing is back on.


Skin being cleaned off for the new skin coating.