Monument to our P-51 fighter pilot.

Bob Withee fought in WW2 in the Pacific.

                          Bob Withee Memorial..................Up Date 07DEC13.........RWillaman

Bob Withee Tour Guide but back in the 40s he fought for freedom in the seat of fighters!
It is with Honor that this memorial be built in his Honor for our Freedom.
This page is still under constrution

The restored P-51 fiberglass and steel Memorial aircraft.
Excavation the hole for the base.

The post to hold the REP-P-51 so it can rotar in the wind.
Placement of the post to be cemented in.
Base is almost finished. Now to wait for the cure time.
On hold for the right day to bring the plane down to be mounted.
Keep an eye on the MAPS Air Museum web page for the dedication.