Airwaves Radio Club as it changed over the short years. Up Date 10AUG15


       I had these projects in mind for power on the building.                                                                                       Had this in mind for the big vertical that Ken gave the club.


                                                                                                         Project / Radio Building

Spring 2014 is here.
Steps are unsafe to use. Waiting on donations to replace them.
Filling the fenced in area to be for generator, solar batteries, and tower safety.
Since I get no support from anyone, There is just no need for a radio section!
Moved more dirt. Decided to only put four steps in so members will not hit their heads on the canopy. 
Leaving the up stairs room to other radio section members. I can not do it all. 
Since I am the only one in the section. No need for it.
The steps are patched together now. Seems to be stable now. 
Larry can clean the building out now!

The lift is History. Reason was the cost since the radio section has no funds.
The frame "A" I wanted went to the scrap yard. So plan "B" was to use the top of the lift for the generator box.
Need to cut out parts for the door, shelf and top.  Then find someone to weld it all up.
The generator is back up power for the building.

Foxhole Radio Display table.


Radio Group History

                           The history of the Radio Group as it went from a bench in the restoration build to the small building by the hill.


The Radio Group when I started.
                                                                July 2007  when I came on a tour with my brother Skip. This all there was of a radio section.                                                                                                                                         
After the cage was finished                                                                                                                                             Inside the cage area before room was built

                                                                         This is where it moved in fall 2007. Area was moved out and the start of the cage installed.

                                         The Cage was built first of the year 2008  and projects started to be worked on. But dust from the restoration and the cold shut it down.


                                                                                      I got the small building at the base of the hill for the radio section April 2010.



                                                                     The radio room for the radio club and the work room for the Things to Do Building.

            Funded by myself and a few members.

This was my goal to have a radio section and a radio club. Where members could come and learn about radio.
But the lack of support not being aircraft there is no support. 
The foxhole radio display was my only supporter's idea to promote the radio section, was a foot in the door. 
But still it is not aircraft. 
Maybe if some one else was trying to do it. It would be a success.

Now changed to the "things to do" since that is almost all I do.
Hope to get the canopy labeled.
Did it myself.

I had this made to go on the canopy.