Welcome to the pages of the Airwaves Radio Club in past it was the radio section. update 04APR16

Message from Rick:

I am sorry to say I have left the radio section because of lack of member support. I got too overwhelmed with everything that it got to be too much. I was hoping other members would take it over or just help. Help did not come. Health problems are not helping either. Getting to old to do it myself so I had not choice. It was a dream to have a radio section ever since my first visit to MAPS and the Wind over the Rockies.  After these many years things just went down hill. Times change and those interested in aircraft have their hands full restoring the aircraft. I guess those interest in radio just were not in the membership. So I try to come to MAPS on Wednesdays to see what is happening and to take what pictures I can. Please forgive me but one can only do so much then things happen to deflate the dream.
Rick WIllaman

                                                 New poster for Radio Section.                               

Thanking Ken Ramsay for the pictures and all those making MAPS Air Museum a great place to volunteer at.

Now I have help to clear out the Radio Building
After I had to move everything out of the Restoration Building into the Radio Building it filled up fast. Did not have help to clean out the Radio Building so it can become the operations building for the Airwaves Radio Club. Now that I have help it slowly is coming along.  It will be used by Ham Radio operators to get on the air to promote Ham Radio and the museum. (ARC N8AIR) 

Thanks to Allen I have a place to repair and play.

Now and in the beginning.
In September Allen gave me a half of his office to make a play room.
This is in the MAPS Building

A new area for the radio section to display the radios.

Teletype was used during the war.                                                                                                   The Gibson Girl was used to rescue many downed crews.

Comparing the 40's receiver and a modern radio.                                                                                       Kill Roy is back watching over the show cases.


North East corner of the hangar.                          Slowly coming together.                      It is a long walk from the MAPS building to here.

Repair room is still changing.

Still getting the building finished for operating.
Mixture of my and donated equipment.

Working on getting the ground level to install the fence so the generator can be installed.
Working with a stiff leg till some day it starts to work right.
Grass is coming in slowly. Guess the fence is on hold. 
Need a welder to do the work.

 This was the caged in area in the cold dirty restoration building.
Had to move out of there.
Was given this building. Cleaned it out and remodeled the inside for the radio club.

Took on the job wiring the GZ-22 Blimp Control Car.

Built up the CW Morse Code display for the Boy Scout and Aviation Class.

Built Big Brother and wired the video cameras

Install the wiring and alarm system in the hangar and restoration building.                                                                                                   Built the B-26 radio display.
02JAN13                                                                                                                                                                            21NOV07
                                                                                                           Installed fans in the hangar.


Made up the Fox Hole Radio dispaly for the Boy Scouts.                                                                                     Wired up the computer phone lines and equipment.

Field Day is a once a year emergency set up for Ham Radio Operators around the world. Using back up power of all kinds. Runs 24 hours trying to make as many contacts as one can make. This was the third try at the event. Weather twice did them in. This time it was set up to show MAPS member how it worked but there was no interest.

Working around the building. Plan was to make a picnic area. Also the use parts of the lift to make a generator box for the north side of the building. But plans just did not come about.

 Installed four speaker in the library ceiling for the audio system.

New job mowing the grass,
Taking a break from MAPS, back in the ground again.

While trying to redo the GZ-22 cabin lighting I messed up my bad knee. Wanted new fixtures so LED light strips could be installed to take the load off the power supplies.
Spent two week in the bedroom instead. Still waiting on the fixtures Dan gave the project to Connor. 
Sorry to say I found out the fixtures were in the scrap and Larry got rid of it.

Dennis Gugliotta bought MAPS two horn speakers to be mounted on the corner of the
 dog house each side outside so that the visitor outside can hear what is being said on the PA system inside.

It was once a dream to make and leave displays for the kids to learn from and help them to spark an interest in electronic is flaming out.
Times change and people change.
Dreams need to be done before time washes them away.

Working at home on my own projects. This is my QRP suit case portable station. All mode / All bands. 

Some reason I just could not get everything to come together.

Now I don't have the strengthen to carry on.

I am hoping someone can step in and get thing rolling even better
for I feel communication between museum would be a goal.
Showing radio equipment of the ages and using them to to demonstrate to visitors radio.
Technology is changing so fast that radio will be forgotten, these radios of the past will end up in the shredders.
This was the reason for the radio building and the room on the second floor.
So MAPS member could had their area to work on radio and a club to share their knowledge to others.
The day of old electronics has faded away. As long as it can be keep a part of the modern ages it can to taught.
There is talk that some day the new technology will fail and the old tube and direct wired radios will be in demand.
This is my update to pass on.
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