Ham Radio ....UP Dated 10JAN14 Rick Willaman

2008 In the room in the back of the cage area in restoration building.
Rick Willaman at N8AIR radio.

Airwave Radio Club

All but the large vertical are up. Albert donated the Icom to the club for 2 meter all modes


Jules in the old shack Thad in the old shack 2008 Jules Field day TJ Field Day QRP CW radio Field Day

The old radio room was the room I built in the restoration build in the back of the caged in area. Because of the metal dust and cold I removed the cage and shelves. Our first year we had Field Day but got rained out. These are some of the pictures of the set up. C-47 crew chief  was on me to get my stuff out of the room so the room could be  taken over by the C-47 crew. A half a years later I was given the small build by the hill. I moved all the stored odds and end out of the building and remolded the inside at my cost and labor with the help of Jim. Moved the towers and set them in place with the help of Joe. Now director is on me to get out of the building so some one else can have it. I had some miscommunications on this. After moving all the stuff out of the room so they could move into it. I did not getting time to organize the small building, so it full of project material.  If I did not save what I could it would have been scrapped. Hope to do it this fall. 2011

Hallicrafters FPM-300
The rigs I bought.