Restoration Begins

The arrival of the T-33 was on Oct.12,2011 to MAPS Air Museum.

These picture taken on Oct.13,2011

A great job was done by the transport crew.        
The aircraft looks to be in great shape.

It will still need a lot of tender care to make it ready for a proud display.            

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15OCT11 Reinstalling the wings
A lot of team work went into this operation.
It is connected and ready to roll.

Larry is another one of the hard working member.

Members working hard to get the wing tanks on.

Tanks are on and moved outside for Cory's Eagle scout Ceremony Sunday.


Paul looking over all the work that is needed. Wayne and Paul tightening up the wing bolts.

Paul work on nose area. 17DEC11                                                        Need to move outside 26JAN12

Headed for the flight line 26JAN12  Tug doing great.                                    

Jerry and crew