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Robert Boykin Crew Chief on the first airport tug.

The tug is in very bad shape and will take a lot of work.

Fuel Tank

Drive Shaft

Bell housing



Fly Wheel

Rob with the starter

Rob remounting the transmission.

He say he will have it running by the end of the day.

Ken cleaning up one of the parts.

Last parts to go in, drive shaft.

Huston we have a problem.

Why will it not start?

Guess we do need brakes.

Rimes painted

Where is the spark?

Fan blade on right. 

Radiator full.

New flywheel install.

Found the problem why no spark. No power feeding it.

We have battery, spark, fuel, water, so now to start it.

 Bad Starter?  Is this why it smoked?

Progress goes on by hard working crew.

A tug from the past will be running soon.

Little bit of body work and new paint.

Rob cracking the engine over.

Problem keep getting fixed. 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video