JG-75-3 NSN - 6RX1740-00-414-715S/ Update 10FEB12

The dual wheel JG-75-3 is a 7500 DBP tow tractor that was used by the Navy. The tractor can move fully loaded fighters and attack aircraft.


 Northwestern Motor 


Tow up to 75,000 lbs, Chrysler Spitfire 251 cubic inch six cylinder engine,

727 Torque Flight Automatic Transmission


Ron checking out on the tow tractor.                                                                                     Kim checking out the Tow Tractor

Allen has the skill to get the equipment running.                                                                     His skills keep MAPS running.
Notice the smile on Allen's face.                                                                   Now we have a tug that will move the fighters.

Pictures by RWillaman                                      

Our man Allen did a fine job on repairing it.                      26JAN12               Kim moving the T-33 out for an event Saturday.