May 28, 2011
Thank you for your support for Green Appreciation Day.

Airport Fire Department sent their new unit over to MAPS Air Museum.

The Akron Beacon Journal came and sat in front of the Mig-17.

Representatives from the Civil Air Patrol were present.

Thanks to the Sheriff Department.

Director, Allen Swain making Dog Tags.

City of Green Fire Department ladder truck.

Green Historical Society came to visit and display their wonderful work.

Thank you to the MAPS Ladies who prepare and serve the food.

Marlboro Volunteer came to MAPS to promote the joint event with MAPS Air Museum on July 9th & 10th.  The event will include lots of military equipment, MASH and commissary units and more, Don't miss this opportunity to see military history from "Muskets to F-14 Tomcats"

Thanks to the National Guard for your presence and service to our country.

MAPS Radio display was manned and ready to talk about the "Fox Hole Radio"

American Red Cross - what a wonderful organization - they do so much good for people in need.  Thank you.

When the wind dies down, you can hear the Skymasters start the engines of their control line planes.  They have been a wonderful addition to MAPS Air Museum.  Thank you gentlemen.