Restoration at MAPS

The gondola coming in from Wingfoot Hangar.
The unloading from the flat bed truck. Airport came to help.
Instrument panel removed and restoration of the front end ready.

Richard With working on instruments and Bud Mock getting instruction from Richard.

With the parts from Goodyear we can put it back together.
Restoration of the lower quadrant. So cold the plastic broke on my camera number 3.
Ralph Lynn on the camera.

Back to the quadrant again.

Getting organized with a few missing items.

Lower quadrant equipment need cleaned and wired.


Many pins and wiring to figure out. Going to take awhile to do the wiring.

Top quadrant is striped of the old LCD instruments.

Ever since the crash the lower quadrant was broke lose here. Fixed it today.

Dave give me two audio control panel which we did not have. Made a adapter plate to fit the instrument.

Today I was able to mount the 3rd scope in the upper quadrant and make a tray for the Loran radio Bruce donated.
Still need the storm scope.

Got everything that we were given mounted temporarily. A few item are missing. Will need to made what is missing.

Still waiting on the parts to repair the lower quadrant sides.

Made up adapter plates.                                              19JAN12                             Filled the two holes on the right.

Trying to decide between the LORAN or Transponder.               19JAN12                             Me in the bubble.


Ron got my side pieces finished.                     21JAN12                                 Painted and mounted.

Today I got most of the instruments to light.              21JAN12               So I need to work on some to find the pins.

One instrument wired and two mounted                22JAN12                                   All the sides are fasten

Found the pins to turn on display and back lights               24JAN12                                  Need to cover the top of the car.

Work station set up.                                           25JAN12                     The first of many to be wires up.

Stripped and repaired upper quadrant.                             26JAN12                             Installing the wires instruments.
Today was cold but got a few more wired and installed.                        27JAN12                              Right side to yet.

Upper quadrant is almost done.                                 30JAN12                                 24 & 5 VDC power supplies.

Pilot's power quadrant needing rewired.                                 04FEB12                                     Landing light can not be extended.

Audio / Video shelf                              06FEB12                            Tour Guide panel.

Replacing 2 bad speakers.                                        08FEB12                                Power Control panel lights.

Added the tour guide panel.

Floor panel needs replaced damaged in the crash.             18FEB12                            Another hang up will try to repair.

Ruff work in the nose is done?                       22FEB12                                   Still lots to do.

4th Power supply for pilot's and tour guide panel.                  29FEB12                      Waiting on the bracket for the TV/DVD.

Completed 07MAR12                                                                            Tour Guide Video Training 10MAR12