The Lighter-Than-Air Society is a not-for-profit organization whose members are devoted to the study of the history, science, and techniques of all forms of buoyant flight. Individually and as a group, members believe in the advantages that lighter-than-air vehicles (balloons and airships) have in many transportation, promotional, sport, scientific and defense applications.

The LTA Society began in 1952 as an employee activity of the Goodyear firm. Over the years, membership grew beyond the company, and the L-T-A society incorporated as a separate entity in 1975. Today, with membership open to the public, nearly 1000 members of all ages share their common interest in lighter-than-air flight.

Membership in the L-T-A Society is not only educational – it’s fun!

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Ralph reading about the strange tool in the case.

The tool.

Part of the Ghost Ship.

Story of the Ghost Ship.