Ken, Wes, and Wayne stripping the paint.

Wayne stripping aileron. Ray working on B-26 wing.


Bob working on the mock P-51 skin. Ken stripping the wing on the Drake.

Ken stripping the paint on the wings and tail.

Ken still stripping paint.                                    03DEC11                   Wess also stripping the wheel well.

 Ron, Wess, Cody, and Ken stripping the wings.    03DEC11                                Wess stripping the tail area. 19NOV111

Ken working on landing gear. 17DEC11


Ken working on landing gear.

Ken is up and he is down.                                           25JAN12                Working on the wings and landing gears.

Ken and Rick disusing the prime coat.                         11FEB12                Ken cleaning the top surface of the wing.



Wayne found a business who had the paints.                    29LEAP12                                Ken and Wayne  stripping the wings.

Ken and Wayne repairing parts on the wings.

Wayne work inside the cockpit.

Ken Working on the nose cone.
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