Restoration Building ...Up Date RWillaman 09JAN14

Placed on the restoration building 17JUN12

Restoration Build

Ron and his crew have cleaned out most of the unused equipment to make room for aircraft and equipment. Since we have no meeting in this building. It can all be used for restoration with room.

The new look of the work areas.
Ron working on the bench area.                   27DEC11                             Crib area in backgroud  and tool boxes.

Now there is a large safe area to work.                     04JAN12                 Ron and crew hare doing a great job.

New door on old library                           20DEC13                            New door going in the work area.
Restoration Crew eating and meeting area.             Old office will be the new tool Crib.                  Old tool crib will be removed.
Link Trainer to be moved to the hangar                           26DEC13                       Door to new tool crib.
Cleaning out the old office for the tool crib.
Still having a roof leaking problem.                26DEC13                   Work being done on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Clay organizing the tool crib.                     08JAN14     Willaman transferred the restoration phone to new tool crib.

Once upon a time this was a radio room for Airwaves Radio Club.         Project Scrap Book later after cage was removed.
Spring of 2008
Radio Room is coming down.
Restoration guys do lots of work to organize the building.