Restoration Log

Updated3/25/13 ( Pictures on monthy updates)
Crew Chief's Update (Restoration Progress):
10/17/2007 - The F-101F manuals have been found and are in the process of being studied in order to complete a plan to re-attach the wings. Inventory of the hardware for the wings is being done. Plan to raise and support the aircraft is underway. Area around the aircraft will be cleaned up to allow for wing reattachment Both wings will be supported to allow for landing gear,wheel bearing and tire inspections All F-101F parts will be brought out to the tarmac for re-installation.
10/24/2007 - 1)The Voodoo has been raised to a new horizontal position. We can now begin moving wings into position. 2) All hardware attaching pins have been removed and cleaned. 3) All parts for the a/c have been removed from storage and placed near the a/c on the ramp. 4) Proper identifacation of the a/c has been placed on the website along with an enhanced description of othe Voodoo from its inception to deployment. 5) Hoping to reattach the wings by early November.
The aircraft was moved off the flightline over to the main hanger. This will allow the public to get a closer look at the aircraft as restoration continues. We where able to open most of the forward access doors  and started to evaluate what must be done. We will do a good cleaning of the plane of bird and yellowjacket nest. We will also be working to open the cockpit, however this has not be done in decades so it might become complicated. We can see that many of the aircrafts components have been left from its de-mil. Openning the plane up is real cool and shows what a marvel the aircraft is. Please see the monthly updates for pictures and descriptions.
The plane was given a good power wask to get rid of any salt that may still be under the wheel wells and wings.We have begun to work on the rough sanding of the skin, taking off the loose paint and feathering in where possible. Unfortunatly we have discovered panels that are to far gone to be repaired and must  be replaced.
Spent time collecting all the loose panels and putting as many of them back on the aircraft as possible. Fortunatly the ones that are missing happen to be pretty easily replaced. We also are exploring ways to get the canopy open for display. Looks like we must go in thru the windsreen. I think the time will be worth it.
Time was spent finishing off some body repairs and priming areas against the elements. Added some red paint to the engine covers and nose wheel landing gear inner doors. Day was cut short due to weather.
Removed another stubborn access panel and gear doors. Painted inner gear doors and started repairs on the same. Body work on area behind the inferred seeker head. Still working on getting into the canopy. Collected all parts for cleaning and paint. Hope to get all loose panels on the plane soon.
Weather starting to close in on us, however the work continues.All of the loose parts are now in the restoration shop to be cleaned repaired and painted. First new panel is now on the plane. Events will keep us away till next weekend.
Gear doors paimted red, Tip of the vertical and several other loose parts painted. Secound new panel now on the plane. Area behind the IR seeker has been repaired. Radar dome was re-attached and bolted in place.
Sheet metal and body work is being done to the planes flaps. Hope is to have all parts done before next spring.
All of the flaps have now been repaired and removed to the tarmac in a sealed container. The last inside project will be to splice a piece of the wing back to another part. A causalty of moving airplanes and a saws
 all :(
Taking advantage of some aircraft movment, I was able to get the plane into the main hangar to get some work done prior to spring. We have been able to get the wing sections spliced back together and have been going round in circles trying to get the canopy open for restoration.
Work continues on splicing the wing section back together. Close to cleaning under the wing and painting . Cockpit is getting close. We are still working on freeing up linkages and feel we will have a break thru shortly.
Flaps attached to the airplane. Need to get the proper angle for pre-flight check. Speed brake doors open; need to remove return spring so they can stay open for display. Canopy problem solved. Canopy assembly has been completely removed so it can be restored and interior can be restored. First attempt at rotating weapons bay, unsuccessful.
Canopy is undergoing cleaning and buffing. We are fortunate that it is not crazed, we have a few deep scratches that we will need to remove. Since the plane is now back outside we are dancing with the weather. We are attacking the painting and decals in small sections and hope to get some new coats of paint on in the coming weeks.
We are getting close to putting the first coats of new paint on the plane. All the stencils and stickers have been removed and sheet metal work on the starboard side is a week or so away.
Miss fire on the painting, wrong shade of gray. Work has begun on removing old screws and nut plates for access panels. Main landing gear struts are being cleaned and a new coat of paint is being applied. Tail section parts have been brought out. First results are there is allot more work to be done on the tail as I had thought.
Progress is slow, but we are getting there. The big T-tail has needed much body work and is really making this a tough assingment. 90 plus temps, Hornets, Bees, Rain Storms have contributed to making this a bear of a project.
Wow, 4 month gap on the update. T-Tail is done. Added the rudder cap this week in the rain, if it gets warm, I will give it a coat of blue. Measurments on the landing gear struts has been done. We will be getting strut clamps to hold the plane up in the proper position. That will make the plane about 5 inches taller. Weapons bay door was loosened and will be opened for next years display season. Ejection seat are out and being cleaned and painted. Canopy mechanism is being removed cleaned and lubricated.
During the winter months we have made great strides in our restoration.
1) The canopy mechanism has been replaced and lubed up.
2) The canopy glass has been cleaned and polished. Manny deep scratches where removed.
3) Both missing engine access doors are done. When the weather breaks we can finish them on the plane.
5) The ailerons are almost complete and will be mounted when weather permits.
6) Bothe ejection seat have been cleaned and repainted.
7) Oleo clampe where made and are waiting on the weather.