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Dedication 11/11/11

On Friday November 11th, 2011 a dedication ceremony was held at the MAPS Air Museum hanger. The day was spent remembering a comrade lost and those veterans still living.  Also on the agenda was the dedication of aircraft F-86L 53-0658, now in the colors of the 496th Fighter Interceptor Squadren during its tour of duty in West Germany in 1956-57.
The aircraft carries the name of Pilot Lt. J.B. Lang and Crew Chief Zeke Zurek wearing serial number 52-4123.
Lt. Lang was lost on a MIG interception mission in 1957. 
The ceremony incuded a talk by Col. Jim Ballard.  This wonderful picture of J.B. was presented to MAPS on behalf of the 496th F.I.S.
The members of the 496th F.I.S

Members of the 496th F.I.S.