F-84F Thunderstreak

The MAPS F-84 was recovered from a private collector in N.E. Ohio. The aircraft was parked in the middle of the yard surrounded by varius airplanes and other items. Its recovery can only be discribed as taking the ship out of the bottle!. The effort of the all volunteer recovery crew is something to be admired.

After the stab and tail where removed the airplane was broken down into its 4 main parts. Under the plane you can see the support crib.

The first part comes out. Building a skid out of wood and using 4-wheel drive truck we pulled the wing through a 5 foot by 7 foot hole and out of the yard.

One wing down and the plane still sitting on the crib.

 F-84 Wing waiting to be loaded for the trip to MAPS.

F-84 Wing on the truck outside of MAPS.

F-84 Fuselage and wing were trucked to their new home.

Back at MAPS the front fuselage waits its turn for  some TLC.