2011 Cruise-in

The second annual MAPS Car Show was held on June 4, 2011. 
The following pictures were provided by MAPS Member, Rick Willaman

Special thanks to Dick Pashley (The Supervisor in the Back).  Dick was the Chairperson for this event and did a Great Job.  Thanks Dick.

Special Thank You to MAPS Member, Joe Miller who coordinated the Parking for all special events.  Joe is very dedicated to MAPS and we appreciate his efforts in all that he does for MAPS.  Thanks Joe.

Mr. Bill Woodall came to the show and allowed us to pull his Sopwith Triplane out of the hanger for the photo op with the cars.  Thank you Mr. Woodall.

Setting up the Sopwith for the photo op and the attempt to start it.

Photo Op with the Sopwith Triplane - car in the foreground probably does not meet the criteria for a historical vehicle?

The Sopwith Triplane is being brought back in the hanger where she is protected.

Wayne Knoll directing traffic around the newly painted C-47.

Bruce Balough's car, first in line.

National Guard fly-over - Thanks it was Great.

Several Hundred cars came to the 2nd Annual MAPS Cruise-in.

Start your engines!

"Tooling around in my automobile."

The Ladies did a great job and were worked all day long, their efforts were really appreciated.  Thank You!

Green Historical Society came to show us the fruits of their efforts.

Ralph Lynn and Bill Humphreys took pictures in front of the Sopwith Triplane then they printed and framed them.  Both men are MAPS members and are very talented.  Thank you for doing this, it was a real treat for those who purchased the pictures for $20.

Cleveland VA came and setup a booth.